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The family run property developer with genuine passion

Charworth Homes is a family-run property developer based in North Lincolnshire. Coming into our 6th year, our story started out on the dream of building our own home. Whilst planning to build our own family home we realised the passion we had for building houses should be something we shared with others.

We haven’t got around to that self build either. Yet!

The foundation and main belief of our business is delivering houses that are not only new and shiny, energy efficient and almost zero maintenance but are also individual, personal and built to a superior standard.

Since our story began, Charworth Homes have come far since first combining the dream of building a family home with starting a business. Our passion for building became our profession, and we haven’t looked back since. Having helped family and friends develop the homes of their dreams, now we’re creating properties that clients cherish.

Committed to supporting the local community in which the company is based, Charworth Homes has established links with trusted partners to ensure the smooth running of each build project.

Each build project is unique

We specialise in creating small and individual developments that make perfect homes. We also have experience in procuring land with unrealised potential. Each project is as unique as the people who live inside, and every build is completed to our exacting standards. Our team is able to manage all aspects of the house building process, from project planning to interior design.

Being a small, family-run company means we’re perfectly placed to give each client a unique, one to one service. We believe our personal touch stands us apart from other developers. Customers have the peace of mind of knowing we’re always here and we’re good at listening.

Of course, the first step towards your dream house starts with the right location. We have extensive experience of procuring land before it comes to market, so our houses are situated on attractive and spacious sites.

Looking to move some time in the future? Get in touch

Our list of potential clients looking to move when the right developments comes up in the right area grows every day by noting all of our potential buyers requirements in their dream home and get in touch with the perfect example comes up.

We’re always interested in hearing from land owners looking to sell or seeking advice on how to maximise value through planning permission.

We will never lose our core beliefs 

Even though our story has just begun, we will never forget how it started and will continue to implement our roots as a family-run business with a reputation for high quality, unique homes even in many years to come.

Architecture is key

We know that design is the key to great development. We work closely with some of the best architects in the area to achieve this.

Each project is designed and built to be in keeping with, and respectful of, the surrounding area, meaning that every Charworth Home is unique.

We don’t have set designs that are ‘carbon copied’ across various sites.


Being a small business, we appreciate the work that goes into getting started. That’s why we’re committed to using local suppliers to procure all of our materials and services.

We want to support our local community and help other small businesses, please get in touch if this is something you’re interested in. 



Being environmentally aware, We are committed to looking to develop brownfield sites wherever possible, and consider the environment when planning our builds.

Part of our in depth planning we avoid as much as possible cutting down healthy trees, and plant new trees on our developments.

Recycling and waste management is something we take seriously. This is something easily and cheaply done and is our first and simplest step to becoming environmentally friendly.